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Watch your thought

Mind is the prime mover of a being, which with its ‘power of knowing’ drives us through in life. It holds the key to all human functionalities, with related bearing far beyond the individual self. All doings on our part, before coming into play, originate in mind - arousal of desire and thereby related thoughts, ideation, articulation, and the will to act upon. How we engage with the world around, or the way we react or respond to external stimuli, is again directed by the mind.  It also attends to emotional stimuli from within and beyond.


The most striking feature of human mind is it capacity to guide our actions by choice and discrimination. But whenever there is choice, the probability of its use and misuse becomes equal. That turns mind into a double-edged weapon, which could act either way. It could lead us conduct rightfully and turn life into a pleasant experience.  In the same vein, it could act a trickster, delude us, and lay down the ground for self-invited pains and sufferings in life.  Even more, because of unique character of each being, which varies from person-to-person, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past. The unique character of a being is what makes one perceive things a particular way, and accordingly pursue the journey of life. Owing to this indwelling sense of duality, mind often gets trapped into self-excited conflicting thoughts as well. This human vulnerability makes a being an enigma by oneself.  No wonder, both creative as well devilish streaks are in evidence all around.  This riddle needs to be resolved for a smooth run of life, individually and collectively.     


What further complicates the mind function is its wandering nature. Mind keeps breeding thoughts every moment. Also, gets caught up in external promptings of the seeming world. And then randomly flirts with them, as a monkey unmindfully jumping from one branch of a tree to the other.    Caught up in such a self-created web, mind is not left with enough of space to objectively process the thoughts playing within. The sense of discriminating ability then takes a back seat, and with obvious consequences.


The beauty of mind as an instrument, however, is that it is also armed with the capacity to self-reflect upon thought-trends playing within. That helps every unitary mind explore its own strengths and vulnerabilities. One could identity and acknowledge the fault lines, make necessary amends through fresh educative inputs, and expand the vision. Also, identify one’s indwelling potential, hone them further, and come out with one’s best. Provided one remains conscious of this empowerment mechanism, which majority, caught up in the usual mills of life, seldom seem to care.  


The paradox, however, is that ordinarily one’s sense of Ego-consciousness identifies itself with inherent mind-trends, as if that would be its prime mover. It doesn’t let you have a dispassionate look at your own-self, and the least of all acknowledge own weaknesses. Here comes astrology to one’s aid, which helps analyse personality trends by looking into the energy signature of a being. And energy knows no bias. Here is the case of a young man, who even in his late thirties, caught up in his inconsequential illusionary perceptions, has not been able move forward in life, despite having immense potential.


The two luminaries, the Sun and Moon, are beautifully aligned. That helped get things easy in life. Benevolent Jupiter over the head when born, he enjoyed strong parental support. But Moon is placed adverse to Saturn, Mercury, mischievous Neptune, and Uranus. This, in the first place, brought in a negative mindset, and would be suspicious of others. He will avoid taking challenges and keep delaying his initiatives. He will be critical of others. He remains vulnerable to being subject to limitations and hardships of his own making. Second, it speaks of his worrisome nature. He will be indecisive, lacks focus, and would be resentful of others. Third, he would be an escapist, stuck to his illusionary thoughts, distanced from ground reality. He may not acknowledge truth in its first appearance, and rather prefer pursuing his ideas on hope against hope, till pushed to the wall.  Fourth, he has a mercurial temperament often showing signs of eccentricity. Mercury also placed adverse to Saturn and Neptune accounts for his fixated one-track mind, as well as his insensible reasoning and judgement. The result is there to see. I wish he works upon himself as suggested to come out of his negative bind when his potential side will begin playing out unhindered.

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