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A healthy, productive, and fulfilling life with ease and comfort remains the common urge of every human being. This can be achieved by looking at life holistically - paying attention to all aspects of life in the right proportion due. One of the vital aspects is a healthy and a vibrant living and workspace having a positive ambience. Following which, one’s creative spirit is expected to be at its best. Here comes the ancient Indian discipline of Vāstu – the science of Architecture.


Apart from solidity and aesthetics of the dwelling, it offers design parameters which would be in harmony with nature. It could then avail of natural resources provided by the cosmos and overall environment to its optimal level. This discipline covers, examination of the soil applying ingenious means, design layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangements and spatial geometry. It covers town planning and even temple construction. But here again, this age-old discipline needs to be reoriented in contemporary terms so that it is suited to the callings of present-day’s needs. Accordingly, we offer tailor made guidance suited to individual and collective needs.

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