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Astrologers, please update your knowledge

Astrology is a serious discipline guided by intricate working tools. A bystander won’t qualify to debate its relevance. But how honestly and efficiently the practitioners apply it is altogether a different matter. Here again, it will be unfair to ignore valid criticism against speculative predictions made by half-knowing astrologers. They rush through their observation for quick gains or occupying media space, more often proving ironical.  The worst is their generalised piecemeal observations with reference to Moon or Sun sign, every time a slow-moving planet like Saturn and Jupiter moves to a new sign. They forget the basic canons of astrology which suggests that only a synthetic look of the whole chart of an individual can provide the right lead. Such practitioners are known for selectively using age old rules to their convenience. 

Those astrologers won’t take pains to update their knowledge to redefine them in contemporary terms. They need to appreciate that universe always remains in a state of flux, cosmic energy dynamics changing rapidly every moment, when seen with reference to the earth. That has related bearing on the life cycle. Over the years cumulative effect of progressive change in overall environmental condition has been immense. Average expectancy of life was 50 years when we became Independent. Now it has gone above 70 years. I have been given to understand that a study conducted by Harvard University suggests that the rate at which microbiological changes are happening, it will not be too far when people may live up to 120 years. Accordingly, the parameters need to be reset with time.       

Majority of Indian Astrologers don’t seem to be open to even latest developments in Astrology. They are yet to acknowledge impact of distant planets - Uranus and Neptune - discovered during the last 3 centuries, simply because they don’t find mention in their olden books. Western astrologers have carried intensive study, and their findings are well documented. I have found them offering valuable insight. Not to say anything on updating latest development, many valuable tools of olden time too have also gone out of reckoning. Rishi Lagadh developed a valuable tool to chart out annual progression of the horoscope, premised on the concept of one day of Sun equal to a year on the earth. It will be interesting to note that earth takes a year to go round the Sun. But assuming being placed on the Sun, earth will make just one rotation in a year. This concept offers valuable insights on the emerging trends, which I have tested over the years. Western Astrology has hijacked this concept and developed it further. Now, the half-knowing astrologer’s ego will not allow them to use it. 

The practitioners won’t even explore research-based development in India either, if it involves intricate calculation, which makes them uncomfortable. During 20th century, a pioneering astrologer, K S Krishnamurti developed nakshatra based prediction mechanism, now known as KP system, following intensive study over the years aided by hundreds of his disciples. Experience suggests that it is a systemic approach to predict things with a fair amount of precision. Applying this method, even opposite character exhibited by twins can be deciphered. The critiques are often found casting aspersion on the relevance of this discipline citing apparent similarity in their horoscopes. 

Long back, a lady referred her niece, faced with marital adjustment problem, for counselling. Later, she provided me with birth particulars of a girl, looking for her marital prospect. After analysis, I questioned: “Is she not married yet?” “That’s my question to you.” She responded. “Well, I find that she would have got married under most unusual circumstances”, I replied. “How is it possible? It belongs to the twin of the girl you counselled earlier. Their horoscopes look similar.” She countered. “Well, you are taking the two charts at their face level, I am looking at their finer nuances. Mars is the common sub-lord of both Lagna (the self) and 7th (marriage indicating) cusps. Mars conjunct Uranus (unconventional) is ill-disposed to erratic Rahu. Mars occupies the nakshatra owned by Moon, the 5th lord (love indicating) placed opposite mischievous Neptune. It clearly signifies having had marriage of choice under unforeseen circumstances. The 7th sub-lord of the other girl is Ketu, which occupies the nakshatra owned by Jupiter, both conventional by nature. That indicates a traditional marriage.” I answered. The lady then revealed that the said girl, defying her tradition bound parents, ran away with a person of foreign origin, stayed as live-in partner for a year before getting married.

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