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Astrology deciphers uniqueness of a being

Astrology may look a puzzle for those not having exposure to this discipline. That is understandable. But critics having explored this discipline just at peripheral level to call it unscientific means that they lack scientific temper, which calls for thorough scrutiny before taking any stand. Often, they are found mocking astrology on various counts. First, they point to the irrelevance of Sun sign based weekly predictions. How can 8 billion population of the world be divided into just 12 categories, they ask? How can people born during a month are to exhibit similar character? This, given the fact that everybody is born unique, each reflecting varying traits? How can all those born with the same Sun sign be bound by similar prediction? 

Seen at the face level, it may appear so. It is, however, not as simple as it looks. For a proficient astrologer, it is just a referral.  He simultaneously looks at the lagna coordinate, which on an average, keeps moving by a degree every 4 minutes; positioning of the planets that keep changing every day; and their interrelation, before offering their guidance. Even that is just indicative, not binding, as is mistakenly perceived. It is subject to variables. One needs to understand that the need to make prediction arises only when things are uncertain, just probable. If destiny is fully predefined, beyond the scope of change, then prediction is not required. In quantum physics, when the trajectory of a particle is measured, one coordinate can be figured out with exactitude. But they can’t exactly measure the other coordinate. To overcome that, scientists developed ‘the theory of probability’. Applying its technique, the trajectory of the other coordinate could be measured with a fair amount of precision. Astrological predictions too run in a similar way. 

It is a mistaken perception that astrology looks into one’s future, which is beyond change. It is rather a dynamic discipline, which following Indian philosophy’s perception, looks at life in succession. What is happening now, is culmination of what was laid down in the past. How we conduct this moment sets the premise on which future stands. Following this script, Indian astrology explores the thought seeds within one’s mind, with which one is born, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past. That reflects upon inherent potential, desire trends, as well as weaknesses. When congenial ground is available, the thought seeds will come into play. If there is a mango seed, if planted and nurtured, will bloom out into a fruit bearing tree within a known time frame. Similarly, how the thought seeds will unfold in future can be assessed. 

You can’t see what is there within each mind. But applying the law of correspondence, the planetary alignment at the time of birth can be measured, which speaks with a fair amount of precision about the making of unique character of a being. Astrology, thus, deciphers the uniqueness of a being. Again, looking at the progression of the planets and the cusp-points, how the thought seeds are expected to play out in emerging times can be figured out. That, however, is subject to variables, just as weather cycle will define the growth pattern of the mango seed planted. One of the variables is there within the being himself – the inherent personality trends with all its positives and negatives – which majority of astrologers seldom care. You may carry immense potential, but if you fail to put in your best foot forward because of your inherent habit tendencies, the potential will not bloom out. The other variable is overall environmental condition. During pandemic, whatever would have been one’s destiny indication, its fruition became doubtful in majority of cases. For, the ground on which the destiny indication could have grown, became adverse, as world economy had crumbled and even one’s survival became questionable. Accordingly, astrological canons suggest taking into consideration three factors while analysing a horoscope – Desha (environmental condition), Patra (personality trends), and Kala (destiny). The last is subject to the earlier two variables, which again, the charlatans seldom care.     

To further taunt astrology, they quote failed predictions by many astrologers on matters of significance. I agree that lot of half-knowing astrologers bring a bad name to this valued discipline. For, guided by their half-baked knowledge, they make hurried prediction to occupy media space, as was in evidence during pandemic and various other occasions. Their problem is that they don’t update their knowledge, and it is a worldwide phenomenon. Any discipline if not defined in contemporary terms become stale. 

The issue continues…….

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