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Astrology helps reinvent one’s self

Western astrology, stuck to their belief, have also so far failed to upgrade their knowledge.  Of late, even astronomers found their data base being out of date by centuries. For, they still ignore a vital astronomical factor while fixing one’s Sun sign – precession of equinoxes, a slow moving backward tilting of earth. Earth completes one spin on its axis in close to 24 hours. It takes a year to go round the Sun. The backward tilting, though very slow - 50.2 and odd seconds per annum - but its cumulative effect over the years will be immense. Since the scientifically arrived at datum line by Newcomb, the zodiac has moved backward by 24 degrees by now. It implies that 80% of those marked with Aries sign would fall in Pisces. Fortunately, Indian astrology incorporates all three motions in their calculation. It will be interesting to note that scientists while charting out Satellite projection, or the navigators guiding sea voyage, use this in their calculation. 

Here again, Western astrology is aware of Rahu and Ketu, the two nodal points where Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic - the path undertaken by the Sun. Since they do not have a cognisable form presence, westerners ignore it. What they forget that these nodal points are points of convergence of two energy plains, and therefore, they hold an important role in so far as energy dynamics of the cosmos is concerned. Experience suggests that these two points acknowledged as virtual planets in Indian astrology offer valuable lead.  

Another oft repeated question by the critiques is the varying destiny of children born at the same place and time though even finer coordinates of their charts are same. Astrology is not as dumb as they think, as it not just mechanics of the planets. Let me add here that astrology doesn’t define destiny in finite terms. A child is believed to be carrying not just a singular potential area of interest. They could be many. Out of them, what finds exposure will come into play, which obviously vary from person-to-person, and the rest will remain dormant.  Also, even if they carry similar nature of potential, the resultant effect needs to be seen relatively. The family and societal condition in which a child is brought up, necessarily varying, would also count in the making of the mind and psyche of a being. It is a matter of record that a prince was born to the King of England. At the same place and time, a son was born to the head of King’s stable. The prince evidently ended up becoming a King, whereas the other child became head of the stable. Here comes the role played by environment factor, as explained in an earlier issue. That’s why in Indian astrological tradition, future prediction is avoided till the child attains the age of 8. Before this, the child is not expected to be matured enough to objectively evaluate the goings around and take a reasoned view. But what one has been exposed to makes an inedible impression in mind, which keeps influencing the future course of life. Also, the consultee is engaged in a dialogue to intuitively figure out even hidden aspects of mind traits. 

The critiques often say that we make our own destiny. Planets have no role to play. True, our destiny is the culmination of our own doing only. What, however, is imprinted in mind can’t be seen. But applying law of correspondence, the planetary alignment at the time of one’s birth reflects upon what thought seeds we have carried forward from the past. So, planets are indicators, and not the doers, as is mistakenly perceived. We are aware that human beings enjoy the privilege to guide their actions by choice, which carries equal probability of use and misuse. We can’t evade the consequences there of, and which runs in succession. It is on this premise that destiny stands. But here again, the choice option also enjoins upon us with the capacity to self-reflect on one’s inherent desire and mind trends. Following which, aided by fresh educative inputs, one could make conscientious choice to make necessary amend. The irony, however, is that often our ahamkara plays a spoil sport. It doesn’t let us dispassionately identity and acknowledge our own fault lines. It is here that astrology comes handy as a very effective diagnostic tool to provide the right lead. That may help reinvent oneself afresh and turn life into a beautiful experience. Astrology, thus, is a valued and a dynamic discipline.  

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