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Become your own master

Mind defines the functional mandate of a being and then steers through the journey of life. All happenings out in open originate in mind by way of arousal of desire and thereby related thoughts, ideation, articulation, and the will to act upon.  Also, it directs the mind how to engage with the world around, and react or respond to external stimuli. It is again our mind, which carries forward the legacy carried over from the past. That makes a deep imprint in our mind and psyche, which sets the terms of the way we perceive issues in hand, and accordingly act upon. But mind is just an instrument. It has no drive of its own as it doesn’t have a light of its own either. It draws light from the fundamental element of consciousness. Mind, in fact, is just like earth mass, which transforms a seed sown into a plant. Similarly, mind acts takes off on feed primarily drawn from two sources – thought seeds in store reflecting indwelling desire trends and habit tendencies, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past, and external influences.   

In so far as earth mass is concerned, the farmer is in control of what seed he plants, depending on what to grow based on environmental and soil conditions. Mind’s control mechanisms is, however, complex. Invariably, every being is born with a preconditioned mind, bound by desire trends, habit tendencies, likes, dislikes, prejudices and passions. That tempts the Ahamkara element – the sense of ‘I’ that brings in doer element in a being, and which drives all actions on our part – identify itself with the inherent tendencies and passionately follows them as if that would be its end game. It doesn’t allow looking beyond for a reality check. Consequently, one remains slave to inherent mind traits. But at the same time every being carries an inherent sense of freedom. Also, human beings are armed with exclusive privilege to guide their actions by choice and discrimination. The two, read together, offers the opportunity to transcend imitations of mind through conscious efforts, when it gets submerged in the omniscient fundamental element of consciousness. Whence, it knows no limits as full landscape of mind becomes accessible. Otherwise, a clouded mind has access to hardly 5 to 7 percent of mind space. You then become master of your mind, and use it as an instrument. The choice is yours. Mind, in fact, is a versatile equipment, which offers window to self-reflect, identify and acknowledge one’s limiting tendencies, and then address them through fresh educative inputs. All that is needed is to get into dhyana mode, turn your attention inwards, when the limiting tendencies will come into sight. Following the process further, one needs to get into pratyahara mode – get disengaged from the indwelling thought seeds that otherwise prove limiting. You then become master of your own self.

Long back, someone having met successive failures, and having lost all hope in life, came asking: “Sir, what is in store of my destiny. What wrong I did that I have been through such an unpleasant ordeal for so long?” Well, you have been a victim of your own self-undoing acts. “How?” He countered. You are born in fiery sign Aries, with its lord too in another fiery sign. That makes you haughty, impulsive, aggressive, and erratic. You wish to live in a demanding mode on your whims and fancy. You are self-willed and overconfident about your capability. Adverse aspect of Mars over Jupiter points to your inflated ego. That binds you to self-defined beliefs and perceptions. It doesn’t allow the space necessary to look beyond for a reality check. You are not keen to entertain advisory and counsel, of elders and superiors.  It is difficult for you to digest things don’t happen on expected lines. Moon opposite Venus makes you emotionally too much sensitive, which makes you get overexercised even on trivial issues. You keep unnecessarily mulling on them much beyond their due. Consequently priority preferences get compromised. You jump into action without applying proper forethought. Moon being in a dual sign, you lack the focus necessary to put in consistent efforts. The result is there to see. “Is it possible to overcome the above shortcomings that are certainly there in me?” He asked. You need to pursue dhyana regularly to fry the indwelling thought seeds that are limiting and then redefine the thought process afresh seeking regular counselling. He religiously followed the advisory and is a changed man now. Through his reasoned conduct, has tasted success.

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