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Chemistry of mind

The powers of mind are immense.  How much of it we are able to access and put to use will define how good we perform in life. That evidently differs from person-to-person.  Imagine, what powers one would enjoy if full expanse of mind would be in force. Certainly, one would then be expected to be at one’s optimum best.   

It needs to be appreciated that there remains continuum all through the expanse of the Universe.  That enjoins upon us with the scope to align our unitary mind to the larger world, which includes cosmic intelligence, courtesy the indwelling consciousness element, the common unifying link.  Evidently then, with such an expanded vision, mind’s potential will bloom out in full.  Consequently, one would have a holistic view of whatever is struck upon.  Naturally, with both larger perspectives and micro concerns live in mind, one would be able to pick up the most appropriate lead.  Life can then be expected to prove a beautiful experience, individually and collectively.   

Ancient India’s realised masters, applying their intense meditative technique must have unfolded and exploited their full mental potential.  Only that would have enabled them to have had intuitive realisation of profound philosophic understanding about subtle realities of life, operative even at invisible level.   

It is believed that Einstein and legends of his type would have used 10-14% of their powers of mind for having created history in their respective fields. The ordinary mortals, on the contrary, are believed have approximately 5 to 7 percent of their mental faculties operative by default. More than that is subject to conscious efforts.  Experience suggests that even if a human being could utilise what is already available, one would be able to successfully negotiate with the usual callings of life with relative ease and comfort.  

The obvious questions now is: With such a well-orchestrated empowerment tool – the organisation of mind in hand - how comes human beings get drawn into self-undoing acts?  How comes it indulges in such devilish acts as would make a dent upon even societal wellbeing? Also, curiosity would arise as to why ordinary mortals have limited access to their faculties of mind?  Is it possible to widen its expanse, and if so, how?  To find an answer, we need to explore the chemistry of mind.   

It may kindly be noted that mind being just an instrument, can’t act on its own. But then, it is something like a fertile earth mass, which lends ground necessary to sow a seed and nourish it with the vitals necessary to make it grow into a fruit bearing tree.  Similarly, mind gets fuelled into action by indwelling thought-seeds.  As would the law of karma imply, one begins life with a stockpile of memory imprints – both meaningful and negative – carried over from the past life. That sets the premise on which mind take off.  These imprints vary from person-to-person, coming as they may with varied experiences one would have gone through, and lot of unfulfilled desires that they carry. That makes every being unique.   

The stockpile of imprints of thought-seeds in mind involuntarily build individual-specific belief pattern.  That serves as defining principles of life to find reflection by way of the general trends of each unitary mind, one’s exclusive ways.  This accounts for all our desire trends; level of intelligence; perceptive and comprehensive abilities; inlaid strengths and weaknesses; prejudices and obsessions; habits and attitudes; as well as virtues and attributes.  All put together defines the basic fabric of an individual mind.  As mind gets going, it also picks up inputs out of environmental influences, during the ongoing life.  That further modifies the indwelling belief and thereby our mental dispensation.  Mind does also carry the potential to absorb fresh educative inputs consciously fed into it.  

Mind first excites desire trends in accordance with the callings of inlaid self-beliefs, and then nurtures it. Desires, in turn, lead to corresponding thought-currents, which when gravitate, following processing in the laboratory of mind, get translated into action.  It may be pertinent to note here that thoughts are nothing but energy formation, which when put into motion, will not come to rest without reaching its logical end.  

See how different people carry varying urges.  Somebody wishes to become a doctor, other an engineer, or someone wishes to join army.  Someone presents him/her as an extrovert, but the other is an introvert.  One person may have a cool temperament and would be balanced in approach.  The other person may have lot of anger, who may get provoked even on trivial issues.

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