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Cosmic changes influence life cycle

I wish the valued readers a very happy and a fulfilling life ahead beginning the New Year. 

Life cycle on planet earth and everchanging energy dynamics of the cosmos are always in immediate and intimate connect, as already deliberated in the previous issue. Yet, a self-acclaimed rationalist dared on You tube channel: “How would gravitational pull of planets so distant from earth impact us, other than causing sea tides?” He seems ignorant that human body contains 65 percent moisture content, and with the same water-salt mix as in the ocean. If such a massive water body such as an ocean could get affected, it is difficult to digest that it won’t influence human sensibility. The effect may not be outwardly noticeable in everybody, and the impact may vary from person-to-person, as would every individual mind be inherently framed – the weaklings may get badly affected, but for strong-minded people it will just pass off.  None of them would be doing it consciously, but inner frame of mind would get affected. Here astrology serves as a diagnostic tool to throws light on how each individual mind may respond.   

Let me add here that planets are not just physical objects moving in the cosmos, exercising just its gravitational effect. They are all live, each marked with radioactivity of its own kind, ever changing. Also, each planet does also symbolise energy streams emerging from distant stellar bodies, passing through a region with that planet in the centre. It is again pertinent to note that all planets moving round the Sun, including Earth have come out of the Sun itself. And we are made of earth matter. So, the earth and all existences there upon including human beings, will have empathetic connect with the planetary bodies. It is again a scientifically established fact that if there is no Sun, there would be no life on earth. Just because you are unaware, truth doesn’t become inconsequential.   

Any major disturbance at the Sun strongly influences the whole life cycle on earth. Every 11 years, the Sun is subject to solar flare – intense radio activity. A Russian scientist Chekvosky, through a study of data spanning 700 years, established that following solar flare, epidemic, increase in aggression, war, and terrorism have been evidence. Also, transmission channels become vulnerable to outage. 

Professor Douglas, Director of Tree Research Centre, America, has established that following solar flare, rings formed in tree’s girth made every year, by which its age is deciphered, guided by their security concern become wider. It continues so for the next five years, after which it becomes thinner. Japanese scientist Dr Tomato, through his long-drawn research on human blood, found that unlike females whose blood becomes thinner during periods and pregnancy, even men's blood becomes thinner after solar flare. Such is the impact of cosmic emissions on human physiology. 

Every 90 years, the Sun becomes subject to a major solar flare. Egypt happens to have a study report on flow pattern of Nile River for the last 4000 years. Studying that data, Egyptian scholar Tasman discovered that following major Solar Flare at the Sun, water flow rate and the level in Nile river increases. The trend continues for next 45 years, and then starts progressively decreasing for the remaining 45 years. Also, there is rise in the incidence of earthquakes.

You can’t taunt astrology as a discipline just because some charlatans, banking on their half-baked knowledge would have made weird predictions to occupy media space, such as during pandemic and on various other occasions. It is something like trying to question the relevance of Medical Science, just because of some quacks in evidence, fleecing people without having true understanding of the subject. In the opening issue of 2020, I had predicted massive death, which was based on study of eclipse chart of December 26, 2019. But I was also wondering about cause underlying pandemic as I could not digest the ground offered by numerous astrologers. Following my study, I was reminded with Chekvosky’s finding. Going by the data available, it comes out that we are faced with pandemic every 100 years. It happened so during 1918-1920, 1820, 1720, 1620, and 1520. The pandemic coincides with the beginning of 10th solar flare cycle happening every 11 years. Incidentally in December 2019 itself 10th solar flare happened since the last pandemic. My study is already published in one of my pieces written in 2020. It followed collection of data available on Google, and the rest I found well documented in Osho’s book: “Mai Kahta Ankhan Dekhi”. 

The issue continues ………………

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