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Detoxify the negatives to optimize the potential

Past influences our run of life in a big way. In fact, life takes off on the premise set by the Karmic carryover from the past, which invariably is a bag full of both positive and negative thought seeds. These thought seeds hold the key to our inherent potential as well as limiting tendencies. As and when they get a congenial ground, they come into play. When the potential side gets suitable exposure, it leads to creativity. And, given an unpleasant trigger, the indwelling negatives overtake mind’s drive and then makes you crazy, which also stands in way of positives bloom out in full. The question now is: Are we totally bound by the past with no scope for reinventing our course of life afresh? Here a look into the premise on which the theory of Karma stands.

Human mind is driven by a sense of duality, which offers you with the opportunity to make choices over the same issue. But whenever choice comes into play, the probability of its use and misuse remains equal. And there is no free lunch in this life. You are to own up responsibility for the choices made and bear with consequences thereof, whether pleasant or painful. That runs in succession. It implies that the learning had, skillsets acquired, virtues and attributes acquired, will get carried over as seed potential to the succeeding life. The habits and attitudes cultivated will get carried over as limiting tendencies. What you give to others, will come back to you. And unfulfilled task if any, will offer ground to work upon them. But they are just indicative and will not play out unless suitable ground is available. Here again, the choice option also enjoins upon you with the capacity to self-reflect upon own thought trends and make necessary amends. For, we are also armed with an exclusive privilege of the faculty of discriminate intelligence, applying which, you can dispassionately analyse and pick up right lead. Following which, you can make conscientious choice to redefine your destiny indicators. The irony, however, is that seldom do we remain conscious about using our empowerment tool in time.

The other day a worried mother concerned about unwanted challenge faced by her son came asking: “What is in store of my son’s destiny. He is a very well-meaning, talented, and a hard-working person. For no fault of his, he was shabbily treated by his employer and is now without a job. He seems to have lost his spirit and is directionless. Please guide.”

Well, it’s not his fault that he lost his job. He carries immense potential and should look for another job. Mind signifying Moon, which being the lord of career indicating 10th house is very well aligned to benevolent Jupiter as well as his lagna lord Venus. Also, the Sun is beautifully aligned to Jupiter. It implies that he has a fertile mind. His value system is high, qualified to hold responsible positions. Mercury well aligned to Uranus makes him a talented guy. Karmic Saturn favourably aligned with Uranus means that he is inventive and thorough in his work, having eye on even minor detail. The problem with him is that instead of making best use of his potential side, this unpleasant happening has triggered indwelling negative tendencies, which has overtaken his mind’s drive.

Moon is placed adverse to mischievous Neptune, which makes him stuck to his fanciful dream perception, distanced from ground reality. If things do not happen on expected lines, it will be difficult for him to digest. Consequently, instead of being in look out for a fresh job, he is unnecessarily mulling on impressions of what has already happened, which is now just the past. He, thus, has been burning his own blood for no fault of his. Saturn is conjunct Ketu, which means that given an unpleasant situation, instead of facing the challenge ahead in stride, he will begin sulking, as is happening now. He will thus fail to take timely initiative. Mercury opposite Saturn brings in fixated one track mind. Mercury also placed adverse to Jupiter makes him impatient, and which accounts for his insensible reasoning and judgment. 

“Will you suggest some puja or remedial measure that may ward of these negative tendencies.” Asked the lady. Well, no puja or remedial measure could strike upon his mind space to make necessary correction. What will really work is to first acknowledge his short comings and then address them by following the mind detoxification process suggested. Periodic counselling may further help.

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