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Guru offers meditation technique suited to you

Google search engine and U tune channels have emerged as facilitator for a large majority. You are tempted to look for answer to all your questions and problems over there. A father and son duo recently tried meditation technique suggested by  Youtube channel. It claimed that following the process, restlessness will be gone and you will have a sound sleep. It did not work on either of them. The son brought out a book on Stoicism and said that he has been reading it and it makes lot of sense to him. My dear, these books may excite you intellectually, but they are not going to help you in real terms. You have to get over the problems from the root level, which calls for a workable solution. His father informed me that he was having sleep disorder and so he also tried the meditation technique, but it did not help. 

There is nothing like one stop solution for all problems of mind genesis. Those flooding U tube channels are just teachers who have somehow got hold of some process. They are doing it with the intent of increasing their visibility rather than helping you. Those who do not understand the construct and chemistry of mind, and unique character of every individual, cannot offer a sustainable solution. Meditation has to be tailor made suited to an individual mind and psyche. Also, without understanding the basic tenets of eight fold Patanjali Yoga sutra one does not qualify to become a Guru. You do not need a teacher. You need a Guru, who shows your mirror image. He alone qualifies to read your unique character. Accordingly, he will make you aware of the living realities of life and offer you a lesson that may help you rise above your individualistic limitations. 

Concentration cannot be straightaway targeted and achieved. First, you need to overcome all that would stand in its way. A person engages with nothing less than 60 to 70 thousand thoughts every day. A large majority of thoughts are inconsequential and even negative. They all remain in your subconscious memory, if not in your conscious. When you begin meditation, you try to remain disengaged from external world and turn your attention inwards. The subconscious memory immediately comes into full play. They draw your attention. With mind so heavily loaded with random thoughts how can you concentrate. Fact remains that if you get into meditation process, you will be flooded with distracting thoughts. You have to first acknowledge that distraction is a necessary part of the process. The Guru teaches you how to remain disengaged from thoughts excited by subconscious memory. Once you succeed, concentration will spontaneously happen. So, before submitting to meditation process, one should try to become aware of one’s own inherent weaknesses, acknowledge them and make a will to overcome. “Sir throw light on my inherent weaknesses.” Asked the son.

Karmakaraka Saturn is conjunct Ketu. It makes you an escapist, who doesn’t like to take challenges. You are aware of your priorities. But once you try to focus, habitually your mind drifts to other random thoughts and ideas. That engages your attention so much that priority preferences get compromised. The Sun is locked in adverse formation to mischievous Neptune. That binds you into fanciful beliefs and dream perceptions, often distanced from ground realities, and not prepared to look beyond for a reality check. That keeps you engaged in illusionary thoughts and perceptions. You do not realise truth on its first appearance. You rather continue blindly pursuing them on hope against hope till pushed to the wall. Debilitated Mars is locked in adverse formation to Moon. That makes you temperamental, impatient, irritable, moody, rash, and argumentative. You, thus, dissipate most of your energies towards unproductive ends. All the more because Mars is also ill-disposed off to erratic Rahu and Mercury. Consequently, you are not left with enough of energy to do justice to your priority preferences. If all that would not be enough, Jupiter placed adverse to Mercury accounts for your insensible reasoning and judgment. “Sir, you are bang on my inherent weaknesses. What is the way out then.” 

I will put you through another process, which will help become disengaged from all distracting thoughts. The more you distract, more of mind space will become available. Do it before you sit for studies. All that could have distracted your attention from your priority preferences, will be gone during the process. You may then remain focused for quite some time. 

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