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Ignorant parents unmindfully unsettle children

In disagreement with her love life, parents of a young lady engaged an occultist to end her relationship. The occultist hypnotised the lady and made her break the relationship. But it proved emotionally traumatic on the lady. She got into acute depression and had to take psychotropic drug even to induce sleep for ten long years. One fine morning it dawned upon her that she needs to fight back and regain her normal self. She sought spiritual guidance and sincerely followed the advisory. She put in her emotions into the iconic figure she meditated upon to acquire the virtues the imagery stood for. She also submitted to a physical exercise regime to become physically fit. Her persistent efforts aided by firm resolve helped come out of her long-drawn depression within two months. She is now successfully pursing her career.    

Humans are a thinking being.  Ordinarily, the way we feel, or think, is how we act, react, or respond to a situationNow, how reasoned, or emotionally surcharged is our response to a situation, is dependent on how our mind is predisposed.  There may, however, be occasion when some unforeseen circumstances may stir up intense emotions that may prove too taxing.  To sum up, balancing one’s emotional framework is called for, but for which, individual and societal peace and harmony would always be at stake.  

Another important aspect of our emotional outplay is anger, which needs special attention. In a fit of anger, the sense of reason takes a back seat. One then becomes vulnerable to unmindfully get into self-undoing acts. So much of energy get lost and mind space clogged, that one is not left with the space needed to process his thoughts objectively. Not to say anything on how much one’s priority preferences get compromised.  Of late, people are becoming more and more impatient, intolerant, and impulsive.  On trivial issues, they get over exercised, often leading to violence.  Anger management seems to have of late caught attention of our social scientists, and lot of ideas are in circulation on how to contain it.  But I am afraid such cosmetic surgery won’t provide a sustainable answer.  What is needed is to hit upon the root cause, which rests with the preconditioning of our mind.  

Persistent negative feeling often brings in a sense of insecurity.  That in turn, breeds in identity crisis, which often makes one crazy about proving oneself on any and every count.  Caught up in this bind, often one goes overboard. As they can’t take kindly to any contrarian view, often overreact impulsively. It may not be out of place to mention that memories picked up during early childhood make deep imprint at our subconscious level, which then becomes a part of one’s psyche.  At that age, the child is not matured enough to understand the happening in right perspective.  But the impressions gathered continue to influence our thought process on ‘as is where is’ basis, till late in life, unless otherwise identified and consciously resolved.  The irony is that the person concerned would not know why s/he would be conducting so unintelligently. Often it is found that ignorant parents, in their bid to discipline their child, induce fear element in them.  With time, such children unknowingly develop inferiority complex, which in turn, brings in identity crisis.         

Once, a young aspiring man came seeking answer to why he was not able to get along well with his elders and benefactors.  When analysed, it came out that he suffered from a deep sense of identity crisis. The reason: he was harshly treated by his parents in his early childhood, which made a dent on his mind and psyche.  Consequently, he was habitually suspicious of his elder’s and superior’s intent.  He contested every advisory they offered, no matter how sensible they were, without applying proper forethought. So, he is not able to get along well with his elders, and at times offends even his benefactors in business.  He has become so crazy about proving himself always right, that when confronted with a contrarian view, his ego overtakes his mind’s drive.  He then loses his sense of civility also while putting forth his counter offensive. Now that he is in his early fifties, he can’t seek solace in what his elders did to him during his early childhood.  Given his age, he himself is accountable for all his self-undoing conduct.    The gentleman agreed with the analysis, but when it comes to getting over this inherent trait, it is proving difficult, as habits die hard. 

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