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Keep pace with the callings of time

Perception drives a being, which every individual forms one’s own exclusive way, depending on how each mind is inherently oriented. Accordingly, every mind involuntarily develops its defining principle, and which obviously varies from person-to-person. Over the same issue, different people look at it in different perspectives and accordingly form varied opinions. The paradox, however, is that dynamics of every emerging moment keeps varying widely and with no scope for drawing any parallel with the one in the past. Therefore, at times, the defining principle of the mind fails to have the required inputs on which to judge the callings of emerging times. For many, particularly those who do not wish to come out of the comfort zone of the past, it becomes difficult for them to digest impending change. They forget that the world always remains in a state of flux, ever flowing, ever changing, and so change is unavoidable. We need to keep pace with time and therefore, wilfully accept change. Otherwise, we may be left behind in the run of time. Willingly or unwillingly majority adapt with the calling of time and thereby secure a smooth go in life. There are, however, some stubborn guys who wish to move on their own exclusive terms and in a demanding mode, and not open to look beyond even for a reality check. Such people come under stress, become grudging, grumbling, some of them come even under depression.

A couple of months back, someone lost his job. Worried, he came asking: “What is in store of my destiny? If I don’t find a job within 3 months, I will lose my Visa and be forced to repatriate back to India with fresh challenge of finding a suitable job. Kindly guide.” He was assured of a suitable job within the specified time frame, which happened. But as would happen with any transition, the work atmosphere changed. He now will have to work in shifts, periodically at night, as it is a production unit. At the very thought of shift working, he has begun sulking and come under stress. In a state of desperation, he came asking: “Sir, astrology is a science, could you not see the discomfort coming my way?”  

Well, astrological reading covers three factors – Desha, Kala, and Patra. Kala is destiny indicator. Your progressed chart strongly indicated job opportunities in offing, which happened. The comfort level, however, would be subject to two variables. First, Desha, which implies environmental condition. In your case it means overall job market and conditions if any associated with every job. You have no control over this factor. You need to get along with the callings of the job in hand. It needs to be appreciated that the world doesn’t necessarily move to your asking. You can’t just live in a demanding mode. You are just a part of a large organisation, having its own work environment and demands. You can’t change it, and therefore, need to adapt yourself to its callings. What really affects your comfort level is the second variable - Patra. It implies personality traits of a being, which holds the key to how you comprehend issues in hand, develop perception, and accordingly react and respond to the situation faced with. It is your Patra aspect that is wanting, which is why you feel so much challenged, rather than taking the change as a matter of new routine to follow. “How comes?” He questioned.

Your astrological pointers offer you with the answer. Mind signifying Moon occupies Virgo sign. It is placed adverse to mischievous Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. In the first place, it indicates that you are stuck to self-defined illusionary beliefs and perceptions, distanced from ground realities. You are not open to look beyond even for a reality check. If things don’t happen on expected lines, it becomes difficult for you to digest. You then instead of facing it head on, try to somehow escape. Second, you have a negative mindset, which brings in pessimist and self-doubts. When faced with adverse situation, you find it convenient to shift the blame on others. Third, you are too much touchy and sensitive and so get emotionally overexercised even on trivial issues. You stretch them beyond due, unnecessarily brooding, contemplating, and worrying. In the process, you fail to look at issues in hand in the right perspective due. The result is there to see. “What’s the way-out sir?” He asked. Change your thought process. Think positive. Be grounded and willingly be in accord with the callings of emerging times.

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