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Lord Shiva – Existence Personified

We have just celebrated Shivaratri when devout made offerings to Lord Shiva. Shiva is one of the most sought after deities in Hindu tradition, and with reasons. For, He offers a look at the unified picture of the world process, covering both the seen and unseen sides.  The enormity and diversity of the life cycle, even on the earth plane is such that it seems improbable to comprehend the total picture at one go.  However, it is important to be aware of the truths pertaining to this complex arrangement and figure out as to where and how we fit into this exhaustive game plan. It will then be possible for us to know how to sail through such an intricate living order, which is known for throwing fresh challenges every moment along with opportunities it unfolds.               

A comprehensive look at the world in entirety would reveal that it is a unified organic whole, compulsively set into an inseparable and integrated dynamic mechanism.  We are aware that the world has been on its incessant run. And, if such an exhaustive and complicated mechanism has been on its run for so long in an orderly way, simply implies that the system as such must be following a flawless intelligent design.  

The cosmos, we are aware, is subject to a continued spell of creation and disintegration.  In between, some of the existences stay for a while, before losing their forms.  Yet, amidst these goings, nature maintains its balance.  For, all the functionaries in the cosmos, up above in the cosmos have been strictly following the design parameters driving them, with no scope for making any digression.  They have been moving in unison as co-travellers of a large collective existence almost in a giving mode, as if they would be conducting as one unified family.  The beauty of this dispensation is that strictly following the laws of nature, they remain supportive to each other without interfering in each other’s domain. The fact that the cosmic players have been strictly following this very design is what holds the key to their orderly conduct and being in perfect harmony and balance with each other.  And, together they extend sustained support to life mechanism on planet earth, a model aptly exhibited by the ‘Solar family.”  The Sun together with other planets circling around it, remain in perfect harmony and balance.  This, despite each of them following their respective paths at their exclusive speeds, and never encroaching in each other’s domain.  And, together they carry on their assigned functions dedicated to the larger existence, life on planet earth included.  The prime reason: they do not digress from the rules they are set to follow.  

Now moving on to the planet earth, here again, all live existences but for human beings, are respectively bound by their pre-defined nature, primarily driven by their security and food concerns.  They however, cannot, and do not anyway disturb the overall balance of nature.  For, they live in their present moment, with no trace of fear for their future concerns, nor are they bothered any mental hang because of imprints of happenings in the past.  They, therefore, do not have any urge for working overtime to encroach upon other’s share of nature’s bounties to secure their future. Even if animals go for a kill, it is only when they are hungry.  They will not go for their next kill till they do not become hungry again.  So, even the killing on their part is again need-based, not greed-driven.  The biodiversity balance thus gets no way disturbed.  We may be aware or not, but the animal world continues to play its part towards sustenance of the collective organism that the worldly order is.   

The operative principle, however, takes a fresh turn with arrival of human beings on the centre-stage, as unlike other dynamic existences, they enjoy freedom to make choices.   So is said: “God envies the man,” because, all other dynamic existences in the universe, are bound by design parameters driving them, and with no scope for making any exception. 

Naturally, with man enjoying the exclusive distinction of enjoying the freedom of making choices, could strike at will to effect changes in the self and the environment.  The choice option exercised by human beings makes ‘the sense of duality’ imperative.  Consequently, people may have varied perception about the same thing, thus creating ground for having contrarian views.  The sense of duality makes a man as much vulnerable to misuse of freedom as his potential to apply it positively.

The issue continues…….

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