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Marry when naturally due

In tradition bound Indian society, parents begin to lose their nerves, when their child’s marriage gets unduly delayed. Keen to expedite their marriage, they run to pundits for remedial measures. The charlatans keep waiting to cash in such opportunities. They make them bleed in money for belief driven pujas directed towards appeasement of divine forces. What people are not aware that planetary and stellar reflections in a chart are indicative of one’s inherent nature, which set the terms of interpersonal relationship skills, vital to a happy union. Also, they speak of a programme layout for one’s evolution by offering time and space necessary to overcome one’s limiting tendencies by going through learning lessons of life. One then becomes matured enough to handle relationship issues with ease and comfort. Accordingly, the horoscopes indicate time frame suitable for one’s marriage. That evidently varies from person-to-person, depending on how much one needs to work upon his/her fault lines. The question now is: “Can the programme layout of a person, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past, be changed by belief driven pujas mediated by pundits? Also, given the fact that one’s personality trends have mind genesis, can the pundits invade a person’s mind space to correct inherent thought process?” It is simply difficult to digest.  

The other day worried mother of a girl child in late thirties and yet not married came with her daughter asking: “What is in store of my daughter’s destiny? Why is her marriage getting unduly delayed? My relatives keep making uncomfortable remarks. Please guide me.” 

Well, your focus should be a stable and happy married life for your daughter, no matter how much it gets delayed. You don’t need to prove yourself to anybody and everybody. True, by usual standards her marriage has got delayed. But that is purposeful. It needs to be appreciated that marriage is a union of two individuals, both born unique, each reflecting varying mind traits. Yet, the two are to live for each other more in a ‘giving’ than ‘demanding’ mode, overriding their individual limitations, as they have a shared destiny. It doesn’t happen in case of those still stuck to their habit tendencies and illusionary perceptions. Their individualistic egos drive them crazy. Such characters are to have a delayed marriage. In the process, they get opportunity to overcome their inherent fault lines and develop inter-personal-relationship skill. Your daughter falls under this category. “What are her limiting tendencies that she needs to work upon, and what is its basis?” The mother asked.

She is born in Gemini lagna with fiery Mars placed there. She is dominating by nature, who wishes to live on her own exclusive terms in a demanding mode. In fact, ‘my way or highway’ seems to be her nature. She would like to have only ‘yes persons’ around. It is difficult for her to digest contrarian view when she would go wild. The Sun placed adverse to Uranus and Neptune makes her self-willed, erratic, and tactless. Also, she would be stuck to her illusionary perceptions and beliefs, distanced from ground realities. She may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance and would blindly pursue her line of thinking till pushed to the wall. Moon ill-disposed off to Saturn brings in a negative mindset, makes her pessimist, self-doubting, and overcritical of others. Mars adverse to Moon and Jupiter makes her aggressive, impulsive, irritable, and argumentative. Also, she has an inflated ego, which limits her scope of vision to self-defined beliefs and perceptions, not open to look beyond for a reality check. Mars placed adverse to Saturn makes her temperamental, bad tempered, impatient, and habitually suspicious. In the event of differences in opinion, she would carry the tendency of fight to finish to prove her point. Venus placed opposite Jupiter, and also adverse to Uranus and Neptune, speaks of a volatile emotionality. She may get overexercised even on trivial issues, and stretch it beyond due, unnecessarily brooding and contemplating, when she may lose her sense of reasons and order. 

She has enough of positives also. But the above tendencies would prove detrimental to marital happiness and stability. The girl in question said that she did carry the above tendencies, which she has been able to overcome during the last couple of years. So, you are now ready for marriage and in all probability it should come about next year, I observed. It will be still desirable to submit to meditation process as suggested to do away with your inherent tendencies from the root level.    

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