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Mind drives a being

Taking off from the previous issue, it is desirable to figure out how our minds lead us navigate our life in the midst of a complex world we live, with all its enormity and diversity. Only those who have themselves realised such living truths of life qualify to serve as a Guru. So, let us first have a look into how human mind works. 

The ‘Power of Knowing’ facilitated by our mind enables us to explore and deliberate upon various dimensions of the world process. In fact, nothing moves in human life without mind coming into play.  All doings on our part originate in mind and are processed there itself before being put into action.  Also, how we engage with the world around, or the way we react or respond to external stimuli, is directed by the mind.  It is again our mind, which carries forward the Karmic imprints from one life to another, and which sets the terms of one’s unique character. Accordingly, mind defines the functional mandate of a being and then steers through the journey of life.  Such an important functional organism, in fact, the prime mover of every being deserves due attention.

Human beings are ordinarily used to look at things, even beyond their dimension of existence, the way it works upon them. So, no wonder, they are naturally tempted to look for a parallel mechanism driving even the cosmos.  We are all aware that the cosmic world as a collective organism has been operating as an intelligent mechanism all through its run.  All its field players have been doing their rounds in chorus, precisely as mandated.  Such a complex organism with all its myriad presents, have been running together in perfect harmony and balance.  It can’t go about as such, without being driven by an intelligent design.  Evidently, the field players of the cosmos would be strictly subscribing to the self-evolved design parameters driving them, without making any exception.  Otherwise, the world at large, performing with such precision would not have sustained so long.  If the Sun has to rise at some place at a particular point of time, it will show up precisely at that very moment, with no scope for any margin of error, not even to the scale of a milli second.  It would, therefore, be fair to name such a delicate design as being the act of a hypothetical ‘Cosmic Mind’. 

The human mind, however, comes with a difference.  Unlike cosmic players that are bound by their predefined periodical course, human mind enjoys a certain level of independence.  It enjoys the capacity to guide their actions by choice and discrimination.  This exclusive human privilege enables a being to define one’s functional mandate and pursue it in one’s own right.  Better we call ‘human-mind’ as ‘unitary-mind’, purposely so as to emphasise uniqueness of every individual being, reflecting varying inherent mind-trends.  Accordingly, each individual consciously defines and drives one’s self-defined path.  So is said: “Gods envy the man”, as cosmic players do not enjoy the freedom of making choices, as is available to human beings. 

The paradox, however, is that it is again none other than human beings, who remain susceptible to pains and sufferings, which is subject to how an individual mind, perceives, reacts or responds to a situation in hand.  The question now is: How comes man, armed with such an intelligent unitary mind, virtually empowered to become an architect of one’s own destiny, has to suffer?  This is a point to ponder. 

The answer too, is not far to seek.  It is very much there in the making of unitary mind itself.  Ordinarily, mind keeps wandering like a monkey, unmindfully jumping from one branch of a tree to the other.  It keeps breeding thoughts every moment and continues flirting with them.  Coming as it may with freedom of making choices, the probability of mind picking up right or wrong lead remains equal, and with obvious consequences.  It is therefore important to explore all aspects of the mind – its construct, operational mechanism, chemistry, and its interrelation with the Universal intelligence.  Particularly so, because human beings are an inseparable part of a unified organism that the world is. Every being is, thus, is in immediate and intimate connect with the cosmic mind.  And thereby, each unitary mind is connected to every other mind.  Evidently then, what good or bad one does, its influence shall stretch far and wide.  So, the danger is that even one individual misconduct could upset societal and environmental balance.

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