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Mind not necessarily body-bound

Picking up threads from the previous issue, it comes out that mind and gross body are interactive. Mind, however, could also act independent of the gross body.  Many of its functionalities do not need any support either from the sensory organs of perception or those of action.  We can think, feel, will, imagine, rejoice, and regret without using any of the above instruments. Also, desire, resolve, faith or want of it, shame, intelligence, and fear, is the prerogative of the mind, where sensory organs have no direct role to play, they may though act as trigger.  It, thus, implies that there exists an inner-instrument, distinct from the gross-body.   

Mind, in fact, has an extra cerebral existence.  It is a field by itself, different from the brain, but at the same time intricately connected to the brain. For, mind can’t come into play without the support of brain. If we look at our Karmic cycle, all that we have gone through in one life, their impressions get carried over to the successive life. Had mind been just stuck to the physical domain of a particular gross-body, such transmigration from one body to the other would not have been possible.   

Here, it will be interesting to make mention of my personal interaction with somebody who had had out of body - near death experience.  Once when 14 years by age, he suddenly realised that the ‘seer’ in him was hovering over his own motionless body lying on ground.  He could clearly see his near and dear ones wailing and mourning over his untimely death, but by himself could not interact with them.  He could see people making arrangement even for his funeral.  Meanwhile, his family Guru arrived and touched the forehead, and his immobile body regained consciousness.  When asked how he felt during his out of body experience: “I was just witnessing all that was happening on the ground,” he responded.     

Osho shared his own out of body experience in his “Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic”.  He used to meditate sitting on the branch of a tree in the campus during his university days. One day, he somehow lost his balance and his body fell on ground.  The ‘seer’ in him, still perched on the tree branch could watch all the happenings, but despite its wish, could not re-enter his gross body.  A woman who used to bring milk to the University campus from a nearby village saw his body falling down the tree.   She came and rubbed the forehead portion between his two eyes – the intelligence centre – and his body regained consciousness.  He opened his eyes and thanking the lady asked: “What made you rub the intelligence centre?”  “I had heard from the elders in my village that by rubbing that point sometimes the dead gross body becomes live again”, she responded in her rustic language.     

 These real time stories offer reasons to deduce that there is a ‘Seer’, which is independent of gross body. The ‘Seer’ however, would not be able to make its presence felt in visible terms without using the gross-body platform as a vehicle for its operation. And seeing is the prerogative of mind.  Mind, thus, is not necessarily body bound.   

Here, a study conducted by Dr Dirk K. F. Meijer, professor at the Groningen University, Netherlands, deserves attention.  Going by his study, “Mind” is a field that exists around the brain, which is altogether another dimension.  He avers that mind and brain are connected, and yet separate. 

It is again important to note that that mind does not really have an independent existence all by itself.  There is no consciousness inherent in the mind.  It is eternal element of consciousness, which makes mind radiant.  Though apparently mind seems to cognize, but it is not the real seer.  It is rather only an instrument of cognition.  Going by the perception of Indian philosophy, the eternal element of consciousness projects mind, as its operative instrument, through which it apprehends and responds to the external world.  So, mind is just an instrument, which serves as an interface between the ‘Self” (the real seer - the consciousness element) and the external world.  Also, mind serving as a gateway of the element of consciousness to the gross body, empowers a being with all his/her dynamic functionalities, which includes the “the power of knowing.”  Once the consciousness element (the Self) becomes unavailable to the gross body of a being, mind is not able to lend its services to the gross body and its instruments. But for which, mind becomes dysfunctional.  

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