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Mother calls for full alert against evil forces

Picking up threads from the previous issue, let us now look at the relevance of the accessories in her ten hands. First, the conch-shell in one hand. When blown, it resonates a sound note comparable to “Om” - the primal-sound. It was supposedly excited when following causal stress, the first motion happened at the Primordial-Source. That very sound note, in turn, excited the creation chain, which following a course of progressive evolution eventually manifested into a world of name and form. She thereby personifies that very primal kinetic energy, which not simply remains the source and effective cause for all creations in the world but also sustains and recycles the existential order. The conch-shell, thus, naturally symbolises the source energy, up above in the cosmos.

The majestic Lotus flower in all colours made of numerous petals signifies enormity and diversity of creation, which is symptomatic of her noble creative intent. In the Indian tradition, Lotus flower is associated with almost all deities identified with one or the other strength potential involved one way or the other in the creation process. It, therefore, finds presence with Durga, Saraswati, and Lakshmi, the Goddesses respectively personified with physical power, wisdom, and creative aspiration, vital to our dynamic existence. Such an enticing Lotus flower grows in mud underneath water body. Yet its beauty and lustre remain unspoilt, regaling everybody. For, not even a trace of mud or water droplet can stay on flower leaves. The obvious implication is that it remains detached from that very earth matter out of which it’s form presence is made.

The association of Lotus flower with the Mother is also a pointer to the fact that though being all powerful, yet, She does not carry any sense of ego. In fact, despite all oddities and hazards coming Her way, She continues to exhibit tenderness, sense of love, generosity and doting nature, as reflected by the majestic flower. Even the killing of the demons is not done out of any sense of revenge or prejudice. Her intent is just to ensure the survival and welfare of Her well-meaning dependants. For, they are the ones, who, understand and following the laws of nature, wilfully service the existential order laid down by the divine forces. Also, the killing of demon also means that mother takes away their ego and sense of evil. Evidently, lotus flower corresponds to productive face of the source energy, which following a long-drawn course of progressive evolution brought into place the manifest world with all its enormity and diversity.

Mother supposedly carrying different weapons provided by the devatas in her remaining 8 arms is evidently aimed at combating the onslaught of demonic forces. The question now is: Why has She been assigned with weapons in 8 hands as against accessories reflecting creative potential in only two? This is simply suggestive of the fact that forces, contrary to our productive aspirations, are far more active and no less potent than our creative initiatives. The evil forces are in evidence all around, making us vulnerable to their onslaught from all possible directions. And their killing potential would be felt much faster and relatively cover a wider range than our productive initiatives. We, therefore, need to be fully on guard and in a combative mode against the evil forces to service the overall needs of our existential order. To drive home this point, the simile of Demon is used to exemplify and forewarn us about impending danger from all around. About the demons, it is said that they are inherently conjurors. They can hoodwink us by making varied illusionary presences and charge us from all possible directions unannounced, to their asking.

Here, weird forms, in which demons are usually depicted, deserve further elaboration. We are all aware that that no such form-existence is in evidence anywhere on earth. It is so characterised just to exemplify in clear terms the danger inherent in the evil forces existing both within and beyond us. The evil forces dwelling within us are no less potent than those from beyond. It needs to be appreciated here that human minds, which is driven by a sense of relative perception, can move either way – if rightfully used may prove rewarding and fulfilling, but when used negatively could prove self-defeating. For, besides carrying humane sense, it also has in store animalistic tendencies. If by chance the animalistic influence becomes stronger, it may prove a greater danger than a carnivorous animal, which is why some of the demons are shown with animal heads.

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