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Shape your destiny through conscious efforts

“What is in store of my son’s destiny? How far he will study? Will he land up in a good job?” Someone came asking a couple of years back. He informed that his son was insistent on pursuing engineering course. But given his performance at school, it looks difficult. He was advised an easier option of pursuing Commerce. For, with lesser efforts, he could take the course to its logical end, which may at least secure him a decent job. But he won’t listen.


At the outset, let me assure you that your son is a potential guy.  Don’t underestimate him. His performance would not have been up to mark so far. Should he address his few weaknesses, following the process suggested, his positives will bloom out in full, which is immense. In fact, he carries the potential to complete higher studies. For, 4th cusp sub-lord Venus, identified with graduate studies is tenanted in the nakshatra owned by Rahu occupying the 9th house, marked with higher studies. 9th sub-lord Mars is again in the 9th house and posited in the nakshatra owned by 9th lord Sun. Such a close connect of the houses referred promises higher education.


Benevolent Jupiter is beautifully aligned with the Sun. It implies that he is a responsible guy who is promised an honourable and dignified life. He enjoys good executive ability and can hold a position of trust. Even more because Karmic Saturn extends its benefic aspect on the Sun, which grants him with excellent organising skill having his eyes even on finer details. Intelligence signifying Mercury is well aligned to intellectually ordained Uranus. That offers him a scientific bent of mind and is highly intelligent. Mercury being well disposed of towards Mars grants him analytical abilities worth pursuing Engineering. He could do well particularly in Computer Science, as would Saturn and Ketu, together placed in the 3rd house marked with his basal instincts mean. What further adds to his potential is that 3rd cusp sub-lord Venus is posited in the nakshatra owned by Rahu in the 9th house, both occupying Mercury owned sign Virgo. He does also carry the potential to do well in commerce as 10th lord Venus has benefic association with mind signifying Moon. But it will be still better if he pursues Computer Engineering. Now it is up to him to take the final call. How well your son utilises the above virtues will define his future course of destiny.


“I feel good to hear about my son’s indwelling potential. Why then it doesn’t reflect in his performance as on date?” Countered the man. Well, if he carries positive qualities, there are enough of inherent weaknesses also that stand in way of his potential side from blooming out in full. Mind signifying Moon, incidentally the 8th lord makes him habitually suspicious even of his own worth. Still more because Saturn is ill-disposed off to Moon, which further creates self-doubt.  Moon is placed adverse to Mercury, which implies that he lacks focus. He would be engaged in conflicting thoughts and has a worrisome mind. Jupiter placed adverse to Venus makes him comfort loving. If that would not be enough, Saturn and Ketu together also bring in an escapist tendency, which may not allow him taking timely initiatives. Mars and Rahu together in a Mercury owned sign makes him dissipate his energies towards varied unproductive ends.


“Sir, is it possible to change his habit tendencies, as they die hard?” Asked the man. Don’t forget that human beings enjoy the exclusive privilege to guide their action by choice and discrimination. It is, however, equally true that choice option carries equal probability of use and misuse. That’s the premise on which destiny stands. But here again, the choice option also enjoins upon a being to self-reflect, identify one’s own weaknesses, acknowledge them, and then address them by making conscientious choice. One more good thing about your son is that his spiritual quotient is quite high. For, the lagna sub-lord Mars happens to be the 9th sub-lord as well, which is conjunct Rahu, the 5th sub-lord. When guided properly, he will be keen to pursue meditative technique suggested. If he does that especially before he sits for studies, he will be able to remain focused for long. With time, his mind will stabilise and will be able to overcome his inherent weaknesses. His indwelling potential will then play out unhindered to his full advantage. He may then be able to do justice to whatever discipline he opts for.

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