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Preconditioned mind restricts vision

Ordinary mortals engaged just in usual run of life, seldom remain conscious about exploring one’s inherent frame of mind – its strengths, weaknesses, working tools, and operational mechanism.    Truth, however, remains that unless one is conversant with the design and working pattern of the instrument in use, can’t use it efficiently.  

In ancient India’s learning tradition, exposure to mind and its mechanism used to be a matter of routine. That used to begin in the family itself.  Youngsters were also given exposure to the realities of life in holistic terms.  Applying bed-time story telling method, the elders used to educate their children in small digestible as a part of the usual upbringing process. So, by the time children grew up, they were well grounded to steer through the course of their life reasonably well. Paradox, however, is that modern education system doesn’t seems to pay any attention to such living realities of life.    

Often the need to impart value system is talked about. But unless the basics are well grounded, any cosmetic surgery will do no good.  Of late, the concern for identifying individual-specific potentialities seems to have captured our attention.  Moral lessons are given in terms of dos and don’ts.  But seldom does one care to explore as to what lies at the root of one’s flawed perceptions. Or for that matter what inherent potential one carries. Unless corrective initiatives are taken from the base level, our infirmities can’t be resolved. Also, if we don’t hone our indwelling potential well, it will not offer desired fruit.      

As we are already aware, the way our life is expected to take off, is seeded in the imprints of our past Karma.  Evidently, the character and content of the thought-seeds define the quality of life we become due for. We, thus, take off in life with a pre-set programme guiding its course, which is essentially individual-specific. That involuntarily develops a self-belief, which conditions our mind-set one way or the other. That restricts the scope of our vision. Such a tunnelled vision doesn’t let us look beyond for a reality check or better option if any available.  Ordinarily, as the programme unfolds, it excites thought currents to which we invariably prefer to flow by.  Of course, as you grow and mature, you could exploit inbuilt tool – the buddhi – to make any amends needed, provided we remain conscious about it.  So, despite all the limitations exercised by our Karmic imprints, we are not necessarily bound by predefined limits of destiny.  Provided we remain conscious about exploiting our most profound empowerment tool buddhi – the faculty of discriminate intelligence.     

As already explained in earlier issue, because of preconditioning of mind broadly speaking three types of characters are found in evidence – Sata, Rajasa, and Tamasa oriented.  Sata oriented people are marked with positive tendencies.  Rajasa deals with our wanton desires.  Tamasa points to inertia, indolence, and negative tendencies.       

It needs to be appreciated that preconditioning if any, whatever may be its orientation - good or bad - is always limiting.  That narrows down our scope of vision.  And with a restricted vision, one fails to look at things in a broader perspective.  So, often larger truths elude our attention.  One, thus, fails to comprehend things in the right perspective due. It is pertinent to note here that our perception defines how we are to negotiate life – act, react, and respond. That is subject to how each mind is predisposed.  Evidently, for want of a holistic perception, the probability of making a reasoned choice gets compromised.  Consequently, one may fail to strike the right note, but for which it becomes difficult to steer life with prudence, ease, and comfort.     

What could be the implications of preconditioning of mind in applied sense?  The first in reckoning would obviously be pre-set desire-trends (Rajasa side) that are invariably reflection of impressions of unfulfilled desires carried over from the past.  Often that does not leave much of a scope to consciously explore beyond for a reality check or in search of better options if any.  This is not to suggest that external factors do not influence our mind.  The impressionable mind of desire-driven people, which most of us are, does get drawn towards tempting influences of the seeming world.  That, however, does not happen because one would be consciously looking for better options with an open mind, in a bid to figure out the best possible choice.  One, rather chances upon the glare and glitters of environmental influences, and then instinctively gets caught up, which could be deluding.

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