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Redefine thought process for a better tomorrow

Fun time is now over, and it is time to get into serious business. It is a common wish to expect that the year ahead proves rewarding and fulfilling. That, however, will depend on how well geared up and mentally alert we are to intelligently negotiate the callings of emerging times - take on challenges in strength and promptly grab opportunities coming our way and put in one’s best into it. The exercise evidently must begin in mind. For, that is what drives a being. All happenings out in open originate in mind by way of arousal of desire and thereby related thoughts, ideation, articulation, and the will to act upon.  Also, how we engage with the world around, or the way we react or respond to external stimuli, is directed by the mind.  It is again our mind, which carries forward the legacy carried over from the past. That makes a deep imprint in our mind and psyche, which sets the terms of the way we perceive issues in hand, and accordingly act upon. It will, therefore, be fair to surmise that mind defines the functional mandate of a being and then steers through the journey of life.

Coming as it may with Karmic carryover from the past, every being is born unique, each reflecting varying mental traits – desire, habits, attitudes, likes, dislikes, passions, and prejudices. We, thus, are born with a preconditioned mind. Accordingly, we develop our individualistic beliefs which drives our thought process. Also, it lays down the ground on which our perceptive and comprehensible abilities work. With such a restrictive vision, we fail to look at things in the right perspective due, and with obvious consequences. What further plays spoil sport with the thought process is our ahamkara. That doesn’t let us look beyond for reality check. It is believed that ordinary mortals could hardly access 5 to 7 percent of the landscape of mind. Even that, if judiciously used, could help us negotiate with the usual callings of life with ease. More than that is subject to conscious efforts. The irony, however, is that we dissipate our energy and clutter the thought process unnecessarily brooding and contemplating on sense of fear of future, unfulfilled desires, and unpleasant encounters we had. Consequently, we are not left with the space and energy necessary to objectively visualise the issues in hand. We then act, react, and respond on instinctive judgment without applying proper forethought, and with obvious consequences.

The other day when someone came for guidance, I asked: “What makes you so hopeless?” “Sir, my career is stagnant for quite some time. The work atmosphere is uncomfortable. Fresh job opportunities are not in sight. Domestic atmosphere is also inhospitable. I don’t know how to go about.” Informed the guy. Well, your astrological chart reveals that you have been a victim of your own thought process. “Sir, you don’t know what I am going through. Please explain what makes you take such a view.” He countered. Self-reflect on your thought trends, and you will find the answer.

The Sun is conjunct mischievous Neptune. Both are placed adverse to Jupiter and Mars. In the first place, it implies that you are stuck to illusionary beliefs and perceptions, distanced from ground realities. You are inherently an escapist who won’t acknowledge truth on its first appearance and remain stuck to own line of thinking on hope against hope till pushed to the wall. Second, you have a swaggering ego, which binds you to self-defined dos and don’ts and not open to look beyond for reality check. It is difficult for you to digest things happening on unexpected lines. Third, mind signifying Moon tenanted in Gemini sign is ill-disposed off to erratic Rahu. That makes you wish to live on own exclusive terms in a demanding mode, not bothered about other’s sensibilities and concerns. You lack focus. Although, you have a fertile mind, continuously breeding random thoughts, but carry vacillating tendency. You, thus, get caught up in self-invited logic and counter logic. You, therefore, fail to take timely initiatives.  Moon opposite Venus makes you emotionally volatile. You get overexercised even on trivial issues and keep unnecessarily mulling over them beyond due. Consequently, your sense of reasons takes a back seat. In the process, your indwelling potential, which though is immense, gets compromised under the shadow of heavily loaded negatives. “What’s the way forward sir?” He asked. Well follow the process suggested in right earnest. That will help you redefine the thought process and tomorrow will be yours.

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