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Reinvent thought process for better tomorrow

A worried mother came asking: “What is in store of my son’s destiny. Every now and then he gets injured. One astrologer suggested that he is running a maraka dasha. That has instilled a sense of fear as I have already lost a child when he was running maraka dasha.”

Maraka dasha and antardasha keep coming and going all through one’s life. But that doesn’t necessarily cause death. The planets marked as maraka also signify marriage, partnership, and business. How that dasha ends up will depend on various other related factors. True, your son is apparently running maraka dasha of Rahu. But Rahu occupies the nakshatra owned by Jupiter, the lagna lord tenanted in the 5th house. That assures life. And even in case of any injury or health issues, it ensures quick recovery.. His astrological pointers do indicate susceptibility to injury for quite some time. But these indicators hint out on probable course of events. They can’t be blindly taken in finality. 

“Sir, I am witness to what my son is faced with within the timeframe you also agree. Yet you call it a probability. Can destiny indications be reversed, and particularly the effect of maraka?” Countered the lady.   

Your son himself is a living example. He was born in Mars dasha. And Mars occupies the 7th house marked as a maraka house. But he has already seen through that period. Going by the basic principles of astrology, three factors need to be taken into consideration while reading a chart – Kala (destiny indicating timeline), Desa (Environmental and External factors), and Patra (personality traits). Kala is subject to the other two variables. It is difficult to foresee overall environmental and external factors. But availability of medical facility is again an external factor, which comes to our aid in times of need. When India became independent, the average expectancy of life was below 50 years. Now it has gone above 70. It is not because destiny of Indian populace has with time taken a favourable turn. It is the improved medical facility that helped. 

Now coming to Patra, it needs to be appreciated that no matter whatever be the destiny indications, if you fail to put in quality effort, you won’t achieve it. In the same vein, if you could intelligently combat the challenges coming your way, you may overcome it. You can’t change the effect of varying energy dynamics of planets. They are available in equal proportion to one and all. But how we respond to them individually, is within our hands. Here, it will be pertinent to note that human beings enjoy the exclusive privilege to guide their actions by choice and discrimination. The irony, however, is that a large majority, stuck to the usual flow of life guided by their inherent tendencies, seldom remain alert to optimally use the above empowerment tools. And when faced with a difficult situation or failure, instead of identifying and acknowledging our own weaknesses, we find it convenient to shift the blame on destiny. 

We can’t change environmental conditions but can use beneficial resources available. We can’t straightaway overturn destiny indications either. But using our empowerment tools, we can change Patra factor – our desire & mind trends as well as habits tendencies - through conscious efforts. Thought process purified thus, will in the first place, help remain alert about keeping our empowerment tools in active use under all circumstances. We will avoid taking any call without due diligence. And we will move carefully in a focused way. This, by itself, could help navigate our life with relative ease and comfort. Second, we could intelligently deal with external factors. Third, we may discriminate between ‘what we want’ and ‘what is right’ to pick up the right lead. We, thus, could reinvent ourselves to even redefine our destiny indications.          

“Understood. But let me know the real reasons behind his frequent injuries, and a remedial measure if any to overcome that.” Asked the lady.

A look at his ongoing trends reveal that progressed Lagna is opposite natal Sun. Progressed Mars and Mercury are conjunct natal Venus, and opposite mischievous Neptune. Read together, it implies that he would have encountered emotional setback. Being too much touchy and sensitive, it has caught his attention so much – unnecessarily brooding and contemplating – that his thought process has become disoriented. Consequently, he has lost sense of alert and been conducting unmindfully. That’s the reason underlying his frequent injuries. The best remedy for him is counselling for a while. Simultaneously taught the way to turn his thought process right.

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