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Sense of duality clouds even sata tendency

A look at few case studies will make us understand how mind play affect us in real terms. Long back, an aspiring youth in utter frustration came seeking guidance on how to improve his performance. Despite regular study he could not score at the examination. His astrological pointers suggested that he had a restive mind. So, he lacked focus. Repeated under performance had induced a sense of fear also. So, even though he spent long hours studying, he could not absorb his lessons. He was given a lesson in how to temporarily drive away all such indwelling imprints in his mind that distracted his attention from within before he took up his studies.  Following the instructions, he could remain focused for two hours at a stretch.  So, his learning began getting registered well in his mind.  No wonder, at the very next examination, he could recall the relevant answers, and so scored well.  

In another case, an over ambitious young man got into a business venture.  He put in his best and registered quick success.  Encouraged thus, he began dreaming of making it big, and that too fast.  He then opened many branches spread across the whole state.  He could not pay due attention to all his branches as much as he gave to his maiden venture.  So, his business collapsed soon after.  Stressed thus, he came running, asking for what lied in store of his destiny.  He was told that he could not blame his destiny.  He had tried to spread his wings beyond manageable limits, which caused the fall, leaving him distraught and depressed.  And now with sense of insecurity driving his mind, he was not able to fight back.                        

Our inherent habits and attitudes do also have bearing on our performance. They influence our day-to-day behaviour. And habits die hard.  So, ordinarily, it is difficult to get over them, unless one consciously and continuously works towards that end.  Those carrying good habits will obviously be marked for their civility and reasoned conduct, of course relatively.  Yet, it will be limiting, unless one has risen above the sense of duality, which in practical terms implies transcending the sense of relative perception.             

For those not having overcome the sense of relative perception, what we term as Sata tendencies (good habits) often bring in a sense of superiority, which is nothing but reflection of ego.  They often become judgmental, measure others by one’s own self-set standards, compare and discriminate, often end up underrating them.  Some of them, instead of enlightening others, would be keen to impose their will on them.  This often creates compatibility issues as they are not able accommodate well with others.  For, they dwell on few fault-lines of others, rather than their positives that may be much more.  So, they fail to capitalise on collective worth of the group existence, vital to suffice our existential and productive concerns. As a related fallout, societal peace and harmony gets vitiated.  So, they fail to contribute what would be expected out of them.   

A well-meaning gentleman carrying a perfectionist attitude was keen to pursue self-defined value system. He wished to behave always right, and would follow a self-set discipline, not realising that even he was not perfect.  He expected from others to remain true to his expectations.  If ever they did not come up to his expectations, he could not digest. He then used to become loud, and rough up his kith and kin on day-to-day basis.  He would become overcritical of them, keep harping on their fault-lines by his self-defined measures.  He never took note of their positives that were much more than their few weaknesses.  So, he could not get along with his family members.  Evidently, his domestic atmosphere was in shambles.  And the fact that all of them were involved in the same business, the performance was going down day-by-day.             

The ignorant lot of people, who form majority, are not able to appreciate what Sata driven people mean, and so they won’t take them kindly.  They continue posing all sorts of challenges to them often unnerving the Sata driven people.  Stuck in the struggle to prove themselves, often the Sata oriented people are short of time and space needed to explore beyond, for further evolution.  In the process, often they miss out on greater treasure trove lying ahead, which could have otherwise enlightened them enough to deal with others on even terms, transcending their limitations.  To sum up, even Sata oriented tendencies could be limiting if one doesn’t get over the sense of duality.   

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