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Shed fear and face challenges head on

Human mind is driven by sense of relativity, which makes you look at the same issue in different perspectives, sometime even strikingly opposite. That puts you in a comparison mode when you start weighing and judging to form your individualistic perception. That varies from person-to-person according as indwelling thought construct in mind developed during a long stretch of time in the past. That makes each being unique, reflecting varying mind traits – desire trends, likes, dislikes, prejudices, passions, and such habit tendencies. That induces each unitary mind conduct a particular way. Being in comparison mode breeds in sense of divide, which remains the cause of all internal and societal conflicts. Internal conflicts coupled with desire element often leads to such unseemly and untimely acts as would cause failures and frustrations, and thereby self-invited pains, and sufferings in life.

Amidst all the conflicting views, we are to make choices, an exclusive human privilege. For, all other species are bound by their predetermined nature, with no scope for making any exception. They go by their instinct. They can’t judge whether their actions are right or wrong. So, the law of Karma doesn’t apply to them. Human beings on the contrary are bound by cause-effect chain. For, whenever choice comes into play, the probability of its use and misuse becomes equal. And there is no scope for having a free lunch in this life. We will have to own up responsibility for the choices made and actions thereto, and bear with its consequences – good or bad – which runs in succession. To overcome this vulnerability, human beings are also empowered with the faculty of discriminate intelligence. Applying which, you can dispassionately analyse, see things in the right perspective due, and pick up the most appropriate lead. The irony, however, is that more often our ego consciousness identifies itself with inherent tendencies. And is tempted to passionately pursues them, as if that would be its end game. It doesn’t let discriminatory faculty come into play. We, thus, miss the opportunity to discriminate between ‘what we wish’ and ‘what is right’, and with obvious consequences.

But here again, if we remain alert to keep our discriminatory ability in active mode, we could turn choice option into an asset, for which we seldom remain conscious. For, it also offers the opportunity to reflect upon our own inherent tendencies, identify, and acknowledge them. Following which, we could take corrective initiatives with the aid of fresh educative inputs. That by itself is enough to make us conduct reasonably well. In the process, we also become aware of our unique potential, which if honed further, we could come out with our best. The paradox, however, is that caught up with the usual run of life, we seldom care to use the choice option to our advantage. We then remain slave to our habit tendencies. And when we meet failure, we find it convenient to coverup our inadequacy with the call of destiny.

A couple of months back someone having met with failure in business came asking: “Sir, having tasted success in my business venture, I opened a new branch. But it collapsed following pandemic. What wrong I did in my previous life that I was so fated. I am under heavy debt, not knowing how to come out of this trap. Future looks gloomy. Kindly guide.”  Well, once you make a choice, the consequences thereof, stretches on for long. Be focused to the business in hand, work out ways to improve earning. It may take little more than 2 years to get out of debt trap. But rest assured, you will finally make it. Now, in so far as the cause of your failure is concerned, there is no fun in relating it to past birth’s doing. The present offers the answer. You can’t entirely blame yourself. Even the best of astrologers could not foresee pandemic happening, which brought the whole world to a standstill. The mistake on your part is that you delayed your closure. Also, you raised the business with other’s investment without matching equity of yours. 

More important now is to be well geared up to meet the present challenge. You, however, seem to be dispirited. For, the sense of fear and insecurity writ large in your construct has raised its head following your failure. Shed fear. And then immense potential within, as would Jupiter’s beneficial aspect on mind signifying Moon, and Mercury identified with intelligence, will come into full play. And with time, you will come out of your problem.

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