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Shed negatives, life may then take a positive turn

Today at midnight we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome the dawn of 2024. Following western calendar system, the event would be happening at the dead of night. A large majority of people turn that event into fun moment. Also, wish each other a happy new year. Many make promises to undo one’s shortcomings and conduct well in the emerging time. But would just such word play suffice? Or the fun play could sustain itself by its own momentum? It needs reflection.

In the Indian calendar system, however, the day begins with sunrise, which spreads light, as nighttime is marked for recuperating oneself for a fresh start the next day. Sunrise doesn’t simply mean availability of physical light facilitating viewing the outer world. It also implies inner light to understand how one’s mind is inherently framed, and then accordingly make necessary amends. You may then see things in perspective and consciously make right choices.

Evidently, in the New Year, we all wish to make a fresh start in all strength for a better tomorrow. Here, it needs to be appreciated that time runs in succession. The happenings today are culmination of what was initiated in the past. And how we negotiate the callings of today sets the ground on which future will unfold. It is not just our wishful thinking that can bring desired result. We need to be well geared up to consciously lay the ground for a better tomorrow here and now. For, nothing moves in life without meeting challenges in the way. Also, you need to be fully alert to grab opportunities coming your way and put in your whole into it. And the whole exercise must begin in your mind. For, perception drives a being, which is subject to how your mind is inherently framed, coming as it may with Karmic carryover from the past. That calls for self-reflecting upon what legacy you are carrying forward, particularly limiting habit tendencies. Identify and acknowledge them and then make amends through fresh educative inputs. But for which, your indwelling potential will get compromised, no matter how formidable it is. The irony, however, is that we seldom remain conscious about self-actualising ourselves. Also, it is easier said than done as habits die hard. Our cluttered mind doesn’t allow the space necessary for a dispassionate look into the making of our mind. Ordinarily, caught up in the usual flow of life, we get carried away by inherent tendencies. What further complicates the problem is our ego. Having identified itself with inherent tendencies, it passionately pursues it as if that would be the end game. In the process, it doesn’t let you make an unbiased assessment of the self, and the least of all acknowledging own weaknesses. Here, astrology comes handy, which reflects one’s personality trends with a fair amount of precision. For, it is premised on reading of energy mapping of a being. And energy knows no bias.

The other day someone came asking: “Nobody understands me, not even my parents. It became so difficult that I had to leave the parental house. Life has become stressful. Tell me, what is in store of my destiny.” Before blaming others, better look within to figure out own shortcomings. Fact remains that you are a victim of your own thought process. “You don’t know what I have gone through.?” The man countered. Well, a look into your horoscope reveals that the Sun identified with your personality is conjunct the planet of its nemesis Saturn. It implies that deep within you lies an inherent sense of fear and insecurity. You have a nagging tendency and are habitually cynic, always trying to find fault with others rather than trying to know your own fault lines. You suffer from identity crisis and will go to any extent to prove yourself. Mind signifying Moon is placed adverse to mischievous Neptune. That makes you stuck to illusionary beliefs and perceptions, distanced from ground realities. You are not open to look beyond for a reality check. It also makes you an escapist, which made you run away from parental home. Venus is conjunct the Sun and Saturn. That makes you emotionally fragile, who would overreact even on trivial issues. Mars is conjunct Neptune, which makes you self-centric, least bothered about other’s sensibilities and concerns. If that would not be enough, Mercury placed adverse to Rahu holds the key to your insensible reasoning and judgment. The result is there to see. Address the negatives. The New Year may then take off on a happy note.

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