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Shiva shows how the world evolved

Taking off from the previous issue, first, the symbology of Damru needs attention. With its play, the equilibrated state of the primordial source gets shaken, when the primal sound note ‘Om’ gets excited.  Now going by the scientific perception, once there is entropy (disorder), it multiplies in geometric progression.  It so happened following excitation of Om sound also.  In the process, first came into play Energy-trinity - Sata, Rajasa, and Tamasa.  Lord Shiva’s Trident is symbolic of his power. Three phalanges of the trident, branching out of the base rod, imply three dimensions of energies emanating from a singularity.    Following random mutation of these three primal energies, emerged multitude of differentiated energy streams.  The harmony and symphony of those energy streams led to all creations. First, up above in the sky.  The ground thus got laid down for creation of life cycle on earth plane. Moon, playing from the front carries forward cosmic forces on earth. Moon, thus, serves as the interface between the cosmic world above and life mechanism on earth plane. 

Thus, comes into being a life cycle, which runs in succession. It is reflected by running water stream of the perennial river Ganges originating from Lord Shiva’s hair locks.  Water travels from its source to the sea, extending life all through its run.  We are aware that but for water there would be no live form-existence.  Science also believes that the first live existence emerged in water.  Water running down the river stream, as also in the sea, evaporates. It then takes the form of cloud, and again rains back in purified form to recharge the water bodies on earth every now and then. All forms of life follow a similar cycle.  We are born and then after pursuing one’s journey here in this world for a while, we meet the end of our form-existence.  Life’s journey however does not end in finality with death.  It rather gets recycled with a new rejuvenated body-encasement, charged with fresh vigour and strength. The way recycled water appears in purified form. Life’s journey thus continues unabated changing its garb again and again.

In the second imagery, Lord Shiva is shown mounted on a bull. He has in His entourage assortment of multitude forms of existences, some of them weird and even invisible. To name a few, divine beings; human beings; devilish existences; animals; birds; goblins, and even invisible existences such as ghost. Symbolically, His entourage is indicative of the multipolar manifest world with all its enormity and diversity.  This symbol stands for the dynamic world ever on the move at its own pace, as a bull, while pulling a cart keeps moving unprovoked at a constant speed.  It will not stop in the way till it reaches a place designated for being fed and taking rest.  After a while, the bull again takes the journey forward. After reaching the desired destination, it again reverts to its normal place of abode after completing the voyage.   The manifest world too, after being on the run for a specified time, gets back to the primal source to acquire a restful state, whence it gets recharged once again.  Following which, out of the seeds of life withdrawn into primal source, fresh creation cycle takes off.

Let us now have a look at those forming Lord Shiva’s entourage. It exemplifies multitude of existences forming this world.  It will be important to note that as per Indian perception approximately 8.4 million species are there in existence.  Perhaps, even the chroniclers of modern science suggest a number close to Indian perception. The divine beings are personification of the cosmic forces, vital to creation, sustenance, and recycling of existential order.  Human beings are said to be armed with intelligence and awareness level, much higher than other creatures. The onus, thus, lies on them to work towards qualitative existence of the whole living order. Devilish existences imply ignorant people having a clouded mind. Because their intelligence level is under limitation, they are primarily driven by animalistic instincts.    They, therefore, are not expected to be conscious about their collective obligations.  It also implies all negative orientation of mind that may prove detrimental to harmonious and peaceful coexistence.  The presence of invisible existences such as ghosts, make out a purposeful reference.   These unseen creatures supposedly symbolise the formless existence during the interregnum period between two successive lives.  They, therefore, symbolise continuum between successive lives.  In a way it can be said that Lord Shiva’s entourage presents a picture of all seen and unseen existences forming this living world.

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