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Success calls for wholesome quality effort

A preconditioned mind keeps flirting with indwelling desires and those excited by environmental influences.  Caught up in this tug of war – shadow of the past and tempting influences of the seeming world - our wandering mind does not allow scope to discriminate between “what one wants, and what is right”.  One, thus, fails to reason out whether the desires are worth it.  Also, it does not allow us to explore how well we are equipped to pursue them to their logical end either.  Ordinarily, we do not care to visualise and get geared up to intelligently take on the challenges likely to be posed by contrarian circumstances.  In the process, we often fail to figure out whether the pursuant desire is within our achievable limit.  Nevertheless, we get tempted to make them our dream destination, and wish to passionately pursue them blindfolded. And the desires persistently keep chasing within our minds.  

The paradox, however, is that once the targeted destination is set, the focus shifts to fruits of the desires pursued.  One then gets into dream mode.  There is nothing wrong in nursing a dream, as it offers you something to look forward.  Also, it motivates you to tirelessly work towards that end – a productive initiative that may involve and benefit many others who need to be involved in the process.  The problem, however, arises when one begins speculating on the expected fruits, and the comfort level likely to be gained thereby. That leads to unnecessary brooding and contemplation.  Often it also gives rise to assumed fear: “What if it does not happen?”  We thereby end up dissipating our vitals just attending to assumed thoughts. Mind-space, thus, gets unnecessarily clouded.  Eventually, we are left short of energy and mind-space necessary to objectively weigh the desired-aspirations and fail to articulate our actions intelligently.  Consequently, we are unable to put in wholesome efforts towards the desired destination, and with obvious consequences.   

When we fail to make it to our dream destination, often we begin questioning ourselves: “Why me? On my own part, I have put in my best”.  Seldom does one realise that what looks to him/her the best possible effort put in, has been evaluated by self-set standards.  Caught up in this dilemma, it doesn’t occur in mind that their endeavour doesn’t justify callings of quality efforts needed.  When no plausible answer is forthcoming, often one tends to take refuse in the call of destiny.   

We seldom realise that our expectations get belied only when we fail to strive sufficiently to make best use of our indwelling empowerment tools and put in quality effort.  Just physical effort would not suffice, we need to put in quality efforts.  Our failure often disturbs our emotional balance, leaving us unnecessarily mulling over the issue again and again.  And we stretch on the issue much beyond their due.  In the process, our mind-space gets further clouded, and our vitals get drained out.  Consequently, we often end up mentally and otherwise fatigued, and lose our nerves. 

Those unprepared, and particularly the weaklings, are unable to withstand mental pressure if any.  Many of them go through great ordeal, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise.  Some of them get caught up in a negative bind, develop pessimism, lose self-esteem, and confidence level becomes low.  Often that leads to stress and depression.   

Of late, as the expectation level of people has been growing, stress and depression seems to have taken wild proportion, and which doesn’t know any age barrier.  No sooner a person comes under stress, the sense of reasons takes a back seat, and then they begin to conduct unmindfully. The societal dynamics are day-by-day becoming so complex that very few would be spared of stress, and quite a good majority of them would be mentally sick.  The irony, however, is that seldom do most of them realise that they need remedial intervention.  If unattended for long, in some cases, this malady takes serious turn, when the very thought process becomes incoherent, calling for medical intervention.  What is even more worrisome is that even school going children, ordinarily supposed to be happy go lucky type, they too come under stress.  So much of pressure is being put on them to score that they do not get time even to play, something vital to their holistic growth. 

It is exactly in this spirit that Bhagwada Gita exhorts to sincerely put in efforts and leave aside the fruits of actions.  Purposely to unnecessarily avoid dissipating one’s energies and clogging the mind-space just speculating on future-prospects.

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