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Unfold untapped power within and reshape destiny

Greetings to valued readers on the solemn occasion of Makarsamkranti, a festivity celebrated across India, though called by varying names in different regions. It is timed with solar ingress in Capricorn sign, the natural signifying sign for India as a nation. Based on planetary position at the time of solar ingress, astrologers try to foresee how the year ahead is expected to unfold for the country. The question here is: Are we so helplessly fated? Can conscious efforts redefine destiny?

Every being is born unique, each carrying a bag full of positive and negative tendencies, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past. That drives our thought process, every being reflecting varying desire and mind trends. We, thus, are all born with a restricted vision. Our ego then identifies itself with inherent tendencies, and passionately pursues it as if that would be its end game. It doesn’t allow space necessary to look beyond its limits for reality check. For the above reason, the ordinary mortals can hardly access 5 to 7 percent of their mind space, the rest remaining unexplored. Even that, if we could use optimally, makes it possible to negotiate the callings of life with ease. The irony, however, is that we fritter away our energy and clutter mind space, unnecessary brooding or contemplating over inconsequential thoughts. We are hardly left with enough to do justice to our priority preferences. Evidently, with a restricted vision, we fail to look at issues in the right perspective due, and with obvious consequences. Consequently, for those caught up with run of the mill, it becomes difficult to escape the call of destiny indications. The believers then are tempted to run for occult practices to mitigate their suffering. The charlatans then grab the opportunity and drive you crazy, to serve their vested interest.

Recently worried parents of their child came seeking guidance: “Sir, my daughter who recently went abroad is behaving in a weird way. A pundit we consulted told me that she has been a victim of black magic calling for special puja. Do you agree?” There is nothing as such. A look at her chart reveals that she is a victim of her own impaired thought process. The Sun is placed adverse to mischievous Neptune, which makes her stuck to delusionary self-beliefs and perceptions, distanced from ground realities. She is not open to look beyond for a reality check. The Sun, incidentally the lagna lord is also ill-disposed off to Uranus, which makes her eccentric and erratic. She is self-willed and wishes to live on her own exclusive terms. Mars occupying the lagna extends its aspect on mind signifying Moon and Saturn. That makes her impulsive, irritable, and argumentative. Also, she would be habitually suspicious of other’s intent and will have self-doubts. Moon and Saturn together speak of a negative mindset, which given an adverse situation could cause depression. Mars placed adverse to Jupiter speaks of her inflated ego, which binds her to self-defined dos and don’ts. Anything happening beyond, it becomes difficult for her to digest. She had imagined a lucrative job after having completed her course abroad, which is not coming about. Confronted with an unexpected situation, she has gone into depression. In the process, her thought process has become incoherent, and sense of reasons has temporarily taken a back seat. Consequently, she would be hallucinating, calling for immediate psychiatric help.

“Sir, will psychiatric help improve her thought process?” They asked. Well, it will certainly soften her in immediate terms. It then needs to be followed by dhyana process under the guidance of a proven Guru. It will make her self-reflect, identity and acknowledge inherent mental frailties. Having become aware thus, the inherent tendencies could be addressed through fresh educative inputs. Her scope of vision will then expand. It will be interesting to note here that Einstein is believed to have used 10 to 14 percent of his mind power to create history. Truth remains that the power within all of us is immense. If through conscious efforts we could reach out the whole landscape of mind, it would know no limits. You may then be able to successfully navigate the course of life with ease and comfort. So said Swami Vivekanand: “The history of the world is the story of few men who had faith in themselves. Faith calls out divinity within. You can do anything. You fail in life not because destiny would be so scripted. It is because you do not strive sufficiently to unfold immense power within.”

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