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Unity underlying all minds

Picking up threads from the previous issue, it is important to note that even modern physics confirms interconnect of all existences. According to “The Theory of non-location” energy particles emerging from the same source are in immediate and intimate connect with each other. Fact remains that all existences are manifestation of nature driven energies primarily sourced to a ‘Singularity’.  It implies unity underlying all existences and unitary minds. It is a different matter that we may not be aware how to communicate with each other.     

It, therefore, becomes incumbent upon us to explore each unitary mind’s strengths and vulnerabilities and make necessary amends if any needed.  Also, explore the realities of life in holistic terms.  Becoming aware thus, one would remain conscious about remaining true to the callings of the collective existence even while pursuing individual aspirational urges.  However, given the sense of freedom to make choices, desire driven ignorant unitary minds often get tempted to ignore their collective obligations to make it to their dream destination. Evidently then, one becomes a victim of one’s own making, the consequences of which may stretch on far and wide.      

Mind, as we are aware, holds the key to all human functionalities, with related bearing far beyond the individual self. All happenings out in open, before coming into play, originate in mind by way of arousal of desire and thereby related thoughts, ideation, articulation, and the will to act upon.  

Mind, one should know, gains luminosity from the subtle light extended by the fundamental element of consciousness, which grants it with the “the power of knowing”. With that one gains cognitive, perceptive, comprehensive, and discriminatory abilities.  In pursuit of which, mind animates and engages the sensory organs of perception as its tools for working from the front.  Mind again, animates the sensory organs of action and employing them as agents, translates its functional mandate into action.  It reacts and responds to external stimuli.  It attends to all emotional stimuli, arising from within or beyond.  Also, it holds the key to integrated working of all functional organs of the gross body as are mandated to perform.  To sum up, mind, assigned with multitasking functionalities defines and drives functional mandate of a being.      

Here again, mind does also enjoy the privilege to self-reflect upon itself and improve one’s thought process, with the help of fresh educative inputs.  It is again through the working of mind that one could raise even one’s level of awareness, and progressively evolve to a stage, when one would be fully tuned with cosmic mind.  And with full exposure to the wholesome light principle intrinsic to the consciousness element, the best in a being comes out.  One would thereafter know no limits.  Also, one becomes qualified enough to become conversant with the realities of life in holistic terms.  Following which, one would realise the necessity of being in accord with the world around as is mandated by nature.     

It is again important to note that the building block of mind and matter remain the same as they are both primarily rooted to nature driven resources. The two are, therefore, inter-alia interactive and responsive to each other.  As explained by Swami Vivekanand, Mind is a finer body within the gross body.  The physical body is, as it were in applied sense, only the outer crust of mind.  In fact, in one sense even mind is termed as matter.  If one stops eating food, and tries to survive only on water, say for about a fortnight, the mind then fails to recall in-store memories.  As one resumes consuming food, mind regains strength, and one’s memory revives.  It is, therefore, the food, which is nothing but matter that nourishes the mind, but for which it would not be doing its round.  It is in this sense it is said that mind is nothing but matter.  So goes our native saying: “Anna se buddhi, jala se prāna”, meaning that “food nourishes the mind and water sustains life.”        

Here again, though matter has a visible solid form-presence, but at subtle level however, it is nothing but energy-formation.  Mind again is nothing but pure energy platform.  Of course, the energy signature marked with the two would vary.  So, both mind and matter being energy-platforms, rooted to the same source, remain interconnected, and therefore, carry the scope to react and respond to each other. No wonder, mind gets affected if something goes wrong with our health. Again, if mind gets anyway disturbed and stressed, it has related bearing on our health status.

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