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Watch your habit tendencies

Every individual is born unique, each manifesting varying desire and mind-trends, often at variance with others. And nobody is ever born a perfect. Each one of us have our own strength points and weaknesses. The world thus, becomes a natural breeding ground for conflict of perceptions, interests, and habit tendencies. Overriding all these, we need to work out ways and means to relate well with each other for a smooth run of life. That calls for a lesson in art of living. The first training ground is the family where you are born – the environment you would have been exposed while being brought up. We get a lesson in dos and don’ts. But that alone won’t suffice. The parents need to watch out individualistic mind trends, and accordingly guide them, which they seldom care. Consequently, when one attains adulthood and begins living on one’s own, the inherent trends come into full play affecting almost all departments of life. At works, invariably one remains conscious about the fall out of any indiscrete move, so tries to conduct in a reasoned way. But when it comes to personal life, the partners take each other for granted. Because of flip side of the partners, if the relationship ever takes a negative turn, clash of ego becomes imminent, and with obvious consequences.

The other day some one faced with marital separation came asking: “Sir, what is in store of my destiny? Is there any chance of a reunion. How could the astrologers who matched the chart did not see this danger? While negotiation was in way, they had made some promises, but never cared to fulfil. That became the bone of contention, finally ending up in court battle. Suggest me some puja that could salvage my marriage.”

Well, half-knowing astrologers seldom care to give a synthetic look at the horoscopes to figure out personality trends. So, they fail to offer reasoned view. Marriage does not fail simply because it is so scripted in the destiny. It is more on account of unrestrained habits and attitudes. Astrologers having half-baked knowledge can’t see that. In the event of failure, the usual human tendency is to find fault with others. One seldom cares to look at one’s own fault lines. Your partner may be at fault, but you are no less responsible for pushing your marital life to a point of break. Belief driven pujas conducted by pundits can’t invade your mind space to correct your thought process. The best puja would be to reflect upon one’s own mind-traits and take corrective initiatives.

“Sir, take my words, I am not at fault. It is they who have gone back on their promise.” The person retorted. 

Your ego will not let you identify and acknowledge your fault lines. It needs to be appreciated here that life is reflection of harmony of opposites. The partners need to live for each other, overriding few weaknesses each other would carry. It is here that you have failed. Now understand how destiny is formed in real terms. The following two verses read together will throw light.

“You are what your deep driving desire is; as your desire is, so is your will; as your will is, so are your actions; as your actions are, so are your habits; and as your habits are, so is your destiny.”

“Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch your words, they become action; watch your actions, they become your habit; watch  your habits, they form your destiny.”

In the above light, let me throw light on your habit tendencies. Born in Sagittarius lagna, you seem to be tactless and undiplomatic. The Sun conjunct Venus, both opposite mischievous Neptune, implies that you are stuck to your own illusionary perceptions, distant from ground realities. You will try to live on your own exclusive terms, seldom caring about other’s sensibilities and concerns. You are too much emotionally touchy and sensitive, often getting overexercised on trivial issues, which you will stretch beyond its due. In your excited state, your sense of reasons takes a back seat. The Sun placed adverse to Saturn brings in nagging tendency, whereby you will always put the blame on the other side. Mars conjunct Saturn makes you temperamental, aggressive, impulsive, intolerant, suspicious of other’s intent and overcritical. In the event of dispute, you carry the tendency to take the fight to the finish. If you push the other side to the wall, he will be left with no choice than to retaliate. And the result is there to see. 

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